About Us

Our story begin in 1993, started as a store house, now we are the biggest showroom in the Middle East. We connect with millions of customers everyday with outstanding modern ideas.
Keep in touch’s name comes after a team who work harmonically for your brand with going in our confident, smooth and elegant style.
Our agency has an outstanding role in the Egyptian market through providing top quality services and staying in touch even after, because we do believe that advertising and marketing are more beyond just a branding service.

Vision To lead BTL advertising and marketing and be clients first destination.

Mission With creativity and perfection, we work like one man every day in which every single business get it’ branding service optimized to the maximum because that’s what leaders do.

more than 25 years of success

Since 1993

Keep In Touch Advertising and Marketing Company is a Successful Company providing its Top Quality Services in the Egyptian and Middle East Markets.
Keep In Touch has a professional, motivated, creative and talented team composed of skilled Designers, who are capable of facing all the client’s advertising and marketing challenges, doing everything it takes to meet the customers need anytime.